Vi utgir Time på diverse elektroniske plattformer 29.06. og her kan du lese litt om hvordan sangen ble til og hva den har gjort i menneskers liv allerede.

Suzanne skriver:TIME…. duet with Frank Ådahl is scheduled for release 29.06.2022. Just wanted to share a little bit of the backstory for those interested 🤗.

I wrote the lyrics a couple years ago as rioting and outrage filled the streets. My heart broke over the injustice, pain, anger and fear that we all witnessed.
I asked myself and even said it out loud, “where is the light!?” Who will shine a light in all of this darkness!? It all seemed so overwhelming.
I wanted to bring hope. This lyric came, inspired by Ecclesiastes 3 and when Dan Ådahl created a melody for it, I cried. I felt it was a perfect match.
I shared a little clip of me and Dan performing the song a couple years ago and the response was overwhelming. Friends and friends of friends were moved. The lyric resonated.
Then another amazing thing happened. I was scheduled to rehearse the song with Leif Ingvald one evening. When we arrived at the church, paramedics where there. We weren’t sure what was happening but when they saw us, they said, “oh wonderful! Music!” They actually wanted us to practice. To make a very long story short, as we practiced, a suicidal man whom they had been trying to assist for several hours, opened up and became cooperative. When the priest came out and talked to us afterwards, we all marveled at the lyric, the timing and the fact that somehow God orchestrated our partnership in bringing light into darkness. So many “coincidental” details of just exactly how it all unfolded…
I am convinced that this song carries hope and light.
I had a bracelet made with some of the lyrics engraved on it. I wear it A LOT just to remind myself, “beauty is coming…believe”.
Since then it has been translated to Swedish and now Frank and I have recorded it with Gospelkoret Moments album project under the direction of Anne Kari Moslått.
I feel blessed and grateful and I really really hope that your heart is encouraged by the song. Keep looking up 🙏🏻❤️